The Journey Begins…

“You’ll be fine”,

“It’s just a phase”,

“Just do things that make you happy”.

Phrases we have heard too many times and we know all too well. Mental health is still stigmatised to this day and no matter how much society claims it is accepting of this, it undoubtedly remains one of our many taboos. The truth is, it is not just a phase. Sometimes you won’t be fine. And no matter how much you try, nothing can make you happy unless it involves self-loathing and crying until you feel that there are no tears left to drown yourself in.

But this is okay.

Mental health, believe it or not, can be experienced as a journey. You may feel like you will never get out of this deep, dark and dangerous hole which is your feelings, but by feeling these horrible emotions, it can help heal your body.

This is a chance for me to share my experiences with mental health and how it interfered with my life so severely and haunted me through my darkest moments.

I want people to share these experiences, to show people that this is normal, it is not something to be ashamed of and should not be something that is just brushed under the carpet.

I am in no way a counsellor or claiming to be someone that is qualified in life coaching but sometimes sharing and hearing stories of individuals that have walked the same path as you can be just as beneficial.

I am yet to find my way to the end of this path, but I have defeated so many tough obstacles along the way that I know someday I will find the end, and it will be the light at the end of this dark, dark tunnel.

‘Don’t be ashamed of your story. It will inspire others’ – Unknown

Positive Vibes

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